Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer 2013: Overnight in Pocatello

Summer vacation 2013 was a big deal. It stretched 17 days and covered thousands of miles. The first item on the agenda was a marathon in American Fork, Utah, so we headed down there to stay with my older brother and his family. Near the Canada/US border we stopped for a quick break at the Alberta tourism center. I wonder if we really need to visit Drumheller now, since Scott has now seen it all at the welcome center.

On our drive down to Utah we stopped overnight in Pocatello with my parents. Our stay was brief, but we covered some good ground, including their driveway, which is lined with all sorts of interesting flowers, insect life and yummy raspberries. When we were done, Scotty hiked up the hard way.

The kids also got their latest installments in Grandma's Book Club, which included the coveted $5 payout. I think Scott had already spent that money somehow. He has established a bit of history of buying on credit. Katie likes to play with the money more than she really likes dreaming of ways to spend it.

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ReeSe said...

What a fun idea...does she do $5 for anyone? ;)

Love your parents place!