Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Book Reports! Saggy Baggy Elephant

Scott and I found a Lego Ninjago game on clearance at the toy store, but he didn't have the cash to purchase it and there was only one left in stock. We struck a deal that we would buy the game and hold it in our inventory until he could save enough money to buy it. This was motivation for him to sit down at the table and bang out another book report.

Katie still hasn't learned to write letters, although she really likes pracing a few favourites. R held her pen while she wrote the requisite 3 sentences, then Katie rhapsodized in the margins. Katie used the proceeds to purchase a black stuffed dog with a leash at the Stampede.

This is all thanks to their patron, Grandma W, head of Grandma's Book Club. Actually, the club was dubbed "Ready Readers" by my sister. She got a club discount at Disneyland when she and my brother took their kids there, since all the kids happen to be members of Grandma's Book Club. When she was discussing it with Disney she She thought it needed a more official-sounding title, and that's what she came up with on the fly. Membership pays dividends in more ways than one.


Allyson said...

Grandma's Book Club is possibly the best idea ever!

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