Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer 2013: Trampolines and BBQ Birthdays

It's hard to believe how many things happened on just one day -- and how many photos were taken.

We went to the Airborne Trampoline & Fun Center in Draper in the afternoon and filled every last minute of our 60-minute shift with fun. Katie's favourite thing to do was to just run across the big trampoline room.

Afterwards, we re-lived an old tradition and crashed an Airmet family birthday party. We went up to Sandy and had fun at a BBQ dinner, complete with all sorts of outdoor games. Scott was the pitcher in the baseball game, where all the bases were little toddler pools filled with water. I tried to come in and help him with his pitching but he sent me straight back to the bullpen.

Katie was between bites of a chicken drumstick at a little table when a wasp decided to gnaw on the same drumstick. When Katie came back in for another bite the wasp defended its territory and stung her right on the top lip. She took it like a real trooper though, and hardly cried at all. It was so sad to see her lip swollen up from the bite.

Wasp stings notwithstanding, it was such a fun day, and that doesn't even include the hours and hours of playing the Wii that Maddi kindly put up with every other waking hour of the day... or all the time in the updstairs playroom with Livvy. We could have gone home right there and it would have been a successful vacation. However, there were still 2 weeks of adventures left to go.

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