Thursday, July 04, 2013

Raymond Buns?

Raymond Buns.

I am not sure if I loved them because they were so tasty or because they were so clever. Probably both.

We got these at the street fair in Raymond, Alberta on Canada Day. Essentially, you slice a dinner roll open from the top to create a wedge opening, which you then fill with white cream cheese frosting. That is it. They were churning these things out in massive quantities somewhere inside the high school and bringing them out to the waiting multitudes, who scooped them up without having to wait in a line. It was the simplest, greatest demonstration of massive dessert delivery I have witnessed in my lifetime.

There is no mention anywhere on the internet of anything called "Raymond Buns". Maybe it is called something else everywhere else in the world, but I have not encountered it anywhere else and it is nothing short of genius. It is to Cream Puffs what Funeral Potatoes are to casseroles.

...and there is no mention of it anywhere. Is there more to this story?

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