Sunday, January 28, 2007


As you may be aware from a previous post, I check the statistics for this blog. In fact, I check them several times a day. Mainly, I do this to ensure that I am not the only one reading the blog. Vanity, I guess.

A day or two ago, I noticed people linking to the blog from a site I had never heard of, called Share The Love Blog Awards. Usually, when there's a one-off link like this, I figure it's just somebody (or something) crawling through blogger by hitting the "next blog" button.

Strangely enough, this Share The Love link popped up several more times this weekend, so I had to investigate. As it turns out, our blog has been nominated for the category of "Best Writing" in a blog awards competition, which is run by the author of a blog called One Woman's World. The competition organizer gives the raison d'ĂȘtre as follows:
I’ve followed some of the larger blog competitions out there, and I’ve felt sorry that some amazing women bloggers go unrecognized because their readership hasn’t grown large enough. It stands to reason that if a small blog with a small–but amazing– readership hosts awards, that some of the "little lights" out there will get a chance to shine.

While I am certainly flattered at the nomination, I am somewhat concerned that I don't meet the eligibility requirements:
1. The person nominating must be a female blogger.
2. The person nominated for the award must also be a woman.
3. In order to make sure that we share the love with the most people possible, winners of last year's awards are not eligible for nomination. Last year's finalists and runners-up are eligible for all categories.
*4. To nominate a blog, please fill out the following questionnaire and submit it in exactly the format given below.
**5. Please do not nominate blogs that contain pornographic visual or written content.

I admit that I enjoy watching musicals, but I think that still does not quite qualify me for criterion #2. My brothers (if they would ever bother to read these postings) would certainly get a kick out of this. The running gag in my family (4 boys, 1 girl) is that Dad doesn't ask the two younger boys to go out and do "manly stuff" (like hunt and shoot guns) because we're the "sissy sons".

Gender issues aside, I'm still quite flattered.


Kage said...

oops. I totally messed up. I just nominated you b/c I like your writing style....I forgot about the whole woman thing....I am going to email them straight away and let them know I messed up.

Grandma Walters said...

Hey, Derek, you are writing about a WOMAN and a wonderful one at that. Does that not count??? Maybe I'll go ahead and nominate you and not let them know like Kage that I messed up!

Grandma Walters said...

Hey, I know I'm blog illiterate, not like Kage, but I did not see any form to fill out to nominate you! How does she know the email address???