Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Fat Southern Utah Christmas

The Macks Inn theatre troupe that we loved so much in Island Park has now relocated to Hurricane, Utah. They happened to be playing a show while we were all together for Christmas. Although it is a dinner theatre, we took the no-meal option and ended up sitting on the front two rows. This was especially great for Joel, who ended up being the only adult sitting on that row and was the focus of attention for a sultry number by an Elvis look-alike. Before the show started he was panicked about being in the front because he thought something like this might happen. He was right.

During the break the guy playing the lead character (who is named Ramona) came out and hassled Tay for eating snacks that he brought from home. I think Ramona even ate some. That dude is the funniest single character I have ever witnessed on stage. An absolute riot. I think we agreed that the show wasn't quite as funny as the one we saw in Island Park, but it would be tough to live up to that night -- which was pretty much the hardest I ever laughed in my life.

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