Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in St George

A fabulous dinner, decorating cookies, singing carols, eating peppernuts, new jammies, time with family -- Christmas Eve was amazing fun.

Once again, Katie monopolized the purple frosting in addition to monopolizing Charity's attention. After dinner was done we had sung our way through the nativity, the kids each got to open one present given to them by a sibling. Katie had blown her worst-ever hissy-fit in the dollar store a few weeks before Christmas because she wanted a pink guitar that she saw there. R did not give into her dramatics on that day -- instead, she and Scott planned to go back and buy it as Scott's present to her. She was absolutely delighted to open up the present. Katie's gift to Scott was a red airplane that came with an elastic launcher. Sadly. the plane didn't glide very much, but Scott's enthusiastic thank-you hug was top-notch.


Lisa said...

I feel like I was there. Nice.

Grandma Walters said...

Cookies and presrnts make a wonderful Christmas!