Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Steep and Historic

It wasn't the warmest week in the history of St. George, but we still ventured out to enjoy the sun in the historic city center. The kids were enthralled with the selection of historic (ie 1970s) candy in the considerably more historic Judd's Store (circa 1911).

The store is part of the Green Gate Village Historic Inn, which has several vintage vehicles and a gate that is green. Apparently, in 1877, Brigham Young ordered white paint for the new St. George Temple. When the shipment finally arrived by wagon he was disappointed to learn that the paint was green, not white. Unable to return it, he gave the green paint to local St. George residents to gild their gates and fences. The inn has on display the only remaining gate from this period. Scott did not recognize the significance of his surroundings, I'm sure.

We enjoyed the creek area until Scott got sick of his rocket pop and then we went for a tour of the historic St. George Tabernacle, completed in 1876. The tabernacle has some of the steepest, most historic stairs around. The tour guide was kind enough to let Mom play the little pump organ (historic) and the main pipe organ. I was given the opportunity to address everyone from the pulpit. I read a verse from Malachi, which seemed to fit the historicity of the place.

(Thanks to Jamie Sue for some of the photos!)

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Grandma Walters said...

A contiuous narration/photos or your Christmas vacation! Fun!