Sunday, December 02, 2012

Uncle Joke

Uncle Joel is quite popular among his little nieces and nephews because he is so much fun. One of the Kalispell girls was asked if she was excited to go see "Uncle Joel." She asked, "Who is Joel?" When it was explained to her she suddenly lit up and said, "Oh, uncle Joke!" He lives up to his name.

During our visit he had Katie howling with laughter non-stop. Whenever we talk about going to uncle Joke's house they start repeating his "Bear Poops" jokes and hysteria ensues.

Poor uncle Joke had shoulder surgery recently and has been wearing a sling to immobilize it (modeled here by his daughter Livvy). While we were there, Livvy took advantage of his reduced mobility by strategically placing some stickers on his back where he couldn't reach them.

The joke gene seems to run in the family.

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