Friday, December 21, 2012

Vegas Vacationing

We booked our room at the Tahiti Village Hotel primarily because it had a sandy beach on one side of the pool (and because it was walking distance from the car rental building, of course). We quickly discovered 2 things about our beachfront hotel in Vegas:

1) The weather was a little colder than we'd hoped. I don't recall ever feeling so warm that I desperately wanted to take a dip in the moderately-heated pool to cool off. Borderline wetsuit territory, for sure. It was nice enough when you were in the sun though.

2) The sun only shines on the beach area from 11:00 am until 12:45 pm, so don't miss your window of opportunity. The tall buildings surrounding the pool must offer a lot of wonderful shade during the heat of summer, but they provide a little too much shade during the winter. We made the best of the sunshine that we had and then we made a break for the hot tub.

My sister and her husband made the trek out to Vegas from their home in St George to loan us one of their cars. Sadly, the original plan was to bring all their kids for a day of fun together, but nearly all of the kids were ill. We took advantage of our evening together to gorge ourselves on meat. Yes, the green disc means FEED ME.


Jessica said...

I went to a Brazilian steakhouse for the first time last month. Can you say meat sweats?

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