Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Night in Vegas

With the benefit of a car, we were able to make a trip up to North Las Vegas to the Children's Museum. We went by way of the Strip, and the kids were very impressed with the buildings in both their daytime and nighttime versions.

They absolutely LOVED the Children's Museum and we spent 3 or 4 hours there in absolute bliss. It is hard to say what Scott liked the most, but he probably spent the most time in the little grocery store or in the mechanics garage. He rolled underneath the car, reached a hand out toward a boy that he had never met and called for a wrench. The boy dutifully complied.

Katie loved the grocery store and she spent a very long time dragging a suitcase around from the airport area, but most of all she loved the dance stage. She put on a purple and pink dress and took to the stage to dance with the other girls. What she lacked in size of movement she made up for in persisitence -- while the other girls came and went as they got shy or distracted, Katie stayed in one place and just kept swaying those hips.

On the way back we were caught in some heavy traffic on the Strip, and we kept Katie awake by giving her the camera to shoot about 400 photos from her vantage point in the back seat. Once she saw the Excalibur Hotel, she started repeating "I want to go in that castle" over and over in the saddest voice.

The evening ran a bit late because we skipped dinner in favour of a side-trip to see the volcano erupting outside the Mirage Hotel. At certain moments it did not seem like it would be worth the frustration, but Scott picked it as the high point of his Vegas experience.

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Grandma Walters said...

What an interesting place to take kids! Have never heard of the place. I was tickled to see how Katie stayed the "star of the show". I did not know she had it in her..