Saturday, December 15, 2012

Date Night: December

In conjunction with the stay-at-home anniversary dinner date that we had in November, R instituted a system of monthly date nights. Each month we alternate planning the dates, and some dates are supposed to be at home, while others are nights to go out.

December was my month to plan a stay-in date, so we put together a Christmas puzzle while we listened to the end of the Sherlock Holmes audiobook (The Sign of The Four) we had been listening to during our road trip. This was significant because we used to do this sort of thing quite a bit when we first moved out to Ottawa back in 2002 and we didn't have any TV reception and we didn't really know anyone. We would do puzzles in our little apartment while we listened to Stuart Mclean read his Vinyl Cafe series on CBC radio.

It wasn't fancy, but it was fun to set aside the time and to re-live something from those early days of our marriage.

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