Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Santa came through and got Scotty the red remote control monster truck that he has been dreaming of. Some time in early December Scott told me that he had 4 chances to get the monster truck: 1) Santa; 2) Mom & Dad; 3) His own savings; 4) 6th Birthday. He figured the probability of getting a truck was pretty high. He was right.

He also got several other things that were on his list, including a bow and arrow set. Every time we go in the dollar store he asks for one of these and I always refuse because I know the one in the dollar store is going to be junk. We went one notch higher and bought it from Kmart. After 3 days more than half of the arrows were still intact. Scotty also reeled in a considerable amount of Lego, which is the toy that he plays with the most.

I loved this shot of my niece Emily unwrapping her first-ever mobile phone. So much joy. So much texting.

Katie's Christmas was a monochromatic, purple affair. She got purple clothes, purple accessories, a purple back pack. The few exceptions to the purple rule were pink, which didn't bother her one bit (pink is her #2 favourite colour).

She had a lot of fun with her new doll that will repeat back what you say, but in a baby voice. Uncle Joke was happy to provide some more Bear Poops references for the doll to repeat. Hilarity ensued.

Unbelievable food.

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Grandma Walters said...

Photos keep your Christmas still close to your heart!