Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blankie Swap

Sadly, Katie's blankie finally reached the end. It was simply too ragged to go on living. For several days R prepped Katie for the impending change by explaining that she would need to change to a better blankie that didn't have so many holes in it. She promised that the new blankie would retain the all-important tag that has been her favourite thing to rub against her nose.

We had been preparing a different blanket to be the replacement, but it just didn't seem as soft as the original. R discovered another blanket tucked away in the closet that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It was soft, it was a pinkish colour and it had little dancing shoes printed on it. Katie immediately latched onto it. A few minutes with the sewing machine to transplant the tag and the transition was complete. She hasn't looked back.


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