Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Keep Voting For Famous Kage

In an unforeseen plot twist, the competition for the host of Real Savvy Moms has been narrowed down to 5 finalists for another round of voting, which will run all this week (April 24-29). My cousin Kristy Glass is one of the finalists, and will probably win if you vote for her once a day until Sunday.

If you read the previous post and voted before, you should definitely get out there and vote for her again to make sure your earlier efforts were not in vain. The hopes of the free world are riding on your shoulders, etc.

See democracy at work. Vote for Kristy.


Kage said...

oh the plot twists....grrrr.thanks for spreading the word...I mean...vote

Helen said...

give us the site again to vote for Kristie and it will be easier to do it. helen

D said...

Click on the "vote" link above.

Helen said...

Thanks. I actually figured out how to do it before I read your comment. I get so excited when I do that. Helen