Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vote For Famous Kage

If you've read most of my previous postings, you probably know about my famous New-York Cousin Kage (aka Kristy Glass). She's decided that she wants to add "TV host" to her long and varied list of jobs and responsibilities (ie: actor, singer, wife, mother, model, baby-wrangler, blogger, etc), so she sent in an audition tape for a new PBS show called Real Savvy Moms. She is one of the 10 finalists chosen by the producers, from which on-line voters get the final say on choosing the host.

This is where you come in.

People can vote once each day until April 20th, and then the votes will be tallied. You should vote every day by going to the link. This will automatically start playing her audition tape. You can find the vote button near the bottom of the page, just below this picture (right). I tried to watch some of the other audition tapes, but they either made me wince or seemed lifeless (no bias here). Save yourself the trouble and just vote for Kristy Glass.

Even if you don't think you would EVER watch a show called "Real Savvy Moms", it should give you a bit of a thrill to think that you helped choose a TV host. After all, if she's famous, then you can have a share in that fame.

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